Scouts Directory

Directory of Junior Hockey Scouts (Canada)


Major Junior

Ontario Hockey League

Barrie Colts: Head Scout: Jason Ford,

Area Scouts: Rob Stewart (Cambridge), Angelo Nasato (Aurora), Ken Hornick (Burlington), Marc Bissonnette (Ottawa), Ike Rhodes (Chicago), Steve Farquharson (Barrie), Brian McGillis (Northern Ontario)


Belleville Bulls:

Area Scouts: Wade Branch (Toronto Region), Kevin Gould (Ottawa Region), Mike Taylor (London Region), Armand Vincent (Northern Region)

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Agent Directory

The following is a list of agents/agencies who may be willing to represent players entering Junior hockey and/or professional hockey. Here is a link to the Excel directory, otherwise you can read the text version here.


Red Tiger Group


Contact: (204) 746-4263



Points West Sports & Entertainment, Inc.


Contact: (604) 542-5040


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How to Find an Agent – Cam’s Story

This is a guest post.

During my husband, Cameron’s, sophomore year at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, he was approached by two agents. One was well established and represented around 12 NHLers. The other was just starting his career and mainly represented Major Junior and collegiate-level players.

He considered both agents.

The more established agent, George, was living in New York City, working alongside two other well-known agents. Cam reasoned that he would likely benefit from George’s long-standing relationships within the NHL. George had also already made contact with various teams interested in him, like the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings.

The newer agent was living in a small city in Canada, trying to make a name for himself. Though he didn’t have a reputation, he would likely be motivated and able to give him more time and consideration than George.

Cam finished his sophomore season with 36 points in 37 games and decided to verbally commit to the more experienced agent, George.

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Agents at the Major Junior and Collegiate Level

The primary goal for a player who goes the Major Junior route is to gain exposure, be drafted, and sign a professional contract. Technically, all players at this level should have an agent. In many respects, agents are like salesmen and the player is like the product. The agents job, at this level, is to shop the player around in the hope of securing the best available contract.

A good agent will not only look for the highest paying contract but will also consider other factors that can affect their client’s development value. Which organization is in need of this player’s specific skill sets? Which organization is most likely to give this player a chance to develop to their full potential within their system?

Players at this level can use their agent to secure NHL deals, NHL tryouts, NHL camps. They can also accept gifts from agents and teams, monetary and otherwise.

Players who go the collegiate route do not

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Hockey Agent FAQ

Players in the Midget AAA, Junior A, and Junior B systems (ages 15-17) find themselves at a pivotal point in their hockey careers when deciding between taking the Major Junior route or the collegiate route. They are often inundated by the deluge of information and options thrown their way. Agents can be the perfect solution.

What is a hockey agent?

Hockey agents serve as liaisons between the player/client and hockey teams. Due to the nature of their work, many agents are lawyers or have a strong background in contract law.

Why are agents important?

Scouts, coaches, and general managers look at a player’s talent and size first. Character is a secondary consideration. For many athletes, it can be difficult to get in the door without outstanding attributes or an outstanding season at their back. This is where agents come into play.

Agents are networking specialists and have taken the time to built relationships with scouts, coaches, and general managers. They even have connections with the staff operating the leagues. Thanks to the trust they’ve established, agents are able to give athletes instant credibility through a referral, which can open doors and create new opportunities that would otherwise be impossible.

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Introducing Olympus

Summit Olympus

Eleven Hockey had a fantastic season launch last year. In the beginning, the business idea was no more than a simple experiment. We knew we had the ability to manufacture sticks, but we didn’t really believe there was any room in the great world of hockey for another equipment company. Looks like we were wrong!

Eleven Hockey WebsiteWe put up the ugliest website in the world, just to see if there was any interest, and shockingly we made a sale the very first day. Even more surprising, the sales kept coming in, from our wonderful customers and later from teams, organizations, and retailers from all over North America.

Lucky for us, other people noticed as well, and in March we were acquired by Olympus, Inc.

You can expect to see a wide variety of new products, services, and features coming your way for season two. However, the entire Eleven staff and our wood sticks will remain the same – why change

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The History of the Roller Hockey

Movie classics like The Mighty Ducks show the relationship between ice hockey and roller hockey. When the team needs a little bit of extra practice for their ice hockey competition, they all don inline skates and head to the local mall along with their coach. Because some of the movements are similar, the goal is to help the players gain more confidence on the ice. Aside from the humor and interesting characters, the movie provides a glimpse into the competitive world of hockey, even for young children. Eventually, a NHL team called the Ducks was created because of the movie.

The history of roller hockey is intertwined with the invention of the roller skates and the increased popularity in ice hockey. Back in 1760, Joseph Merlin introduced the roller skate to the public. While others had made attempts at a moveable shoe, this was the first recorded instance of success. Apparently he made quite a smash at a

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Sample Resume


[D.O.B. / Height / Weight / Shoots]


[Phone / Email]








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Sample Cover Letter




[City, State, Zip]


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Introducing Goalieflage®, Coming to a Stick Near You!

In December 2007, a young man named Trevor Leahy came up with one of the most creative equipment designs in hockey history: goalie camouflage, or the aptly named Goalieflage® gear pattern. The only problem? It was limited to hockey pads. But that limitation is behind us now.

Eleven is proud to announce the Guardian Goalieflage®, the perfect combination of the Eleven Guardian foam core stick with Trevor’s famous Goalieflage® pattern. It’s the perfect synergy between high performance equipment and psychological warfare.

In addition to our sticks, Eleven is also offering a special vinyl wrap that can be attached to any goalie stick for an instant and epic camouflage effect.

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