Eleven’s First Apparel Photoshoot


It’s time for apparel photoshoots! Seriously, we’ve been using folded shirts for way too long, so we finally decided it was time to use some live action shots. The only problem? We’ve never done a photoshoot before. Let the learning begin!

The first and most obvious step is to gather together all the necessary tools and equipment.

We tend to prefer white backgrounds for stick photos (it helps reduce the reflective tint), but decided to use the good old green screen for this particular occasion.

Our version of “studio lighting” is half a dozen shop lanterns placed in a blinding array in front of the model. Just take a look at Bryce’s face above and I think you’ll get a good idea of how it feels to be “in the spotlight.”


The real challenge was finding a camera. Professional SLR style cameras can be hard to come by, but we managed to find a couple photographers willing to brave the hostile winter elements to help the cause.

Once we had the equipment, it was time to setup the shots. For every minute spent in serious preparation, three minutes were spent in random dance parties, pointless speculation, and redundant arguments about any trivial detail to pass along. Oh the democratic process – not a solution to everything.

A surprisingly difficult aspect of the shoot was figuring out how to pose. Since we used people around the office for the shots, there was a decided lack of natural posing talent.

Luckily, we were able to scour the web for some pictures we could all agree on. It’s harder than you might expect. Some folks only wanted friendly, smiling pictures. Others wanted an edgy look. And some just preferred to pout.

It took some time and patience, but as you can see, we managed to find our groove. And of course, one of us was a natural! Great job Sophie!

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